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We've Create A Course For Those Looking To Get Into Mortgage Notes
This course will take you from being a complete beginner in the mortgage note space to having all
of the tools you need to broker notes the correct way

There are a lot of people out there that are going about brokering - the wrong way. They blast offers, don't do research and basically waste investors time - we want to change that. If you're a current real estate investor and want to get into notes - we will show you the right way to approach it without wasting the time of an investor. 
Over 40 HD Videos

Delivered Online & Mobile

Step By Step - Everything

Rick Allen 
(Co-Founder of Note Force Academy)
It doesn't matter where you're starting from - we'll teach you everything you need to know from the start & won't hold anything back that we know. We're literally an open book here and letting it all hangout
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